Sampler "Triple-Acoustic-Party" 2017

The dark side

Here we are

On our own

What if I

Need to say

Single Der Song aus der Krise "Schulter an Schulter" 2016

Schulter an Schulter

Album "Sound of time" 11.12.2015

1. Lucky                                  7. Never surrender

2. Fear of the dark                8. Falling down

3. Angel of truth                    9. Still holding on

4. Sound of time                    10. Too many voices

5. Metal Horses                     11. If heaven is

                                        6. Comets forever                  12. I muted it

                                            + hidden Track

1.M.S.C. Seelze-Hymne "Metal Horses" 2015

1. Metallene Rösser (MSC Seelze e.V.-Hymne)

2. Metallene Rösser

3. Metal Horses

Sampler "Berenstark 18 - Endlich Vollberig" 2014

It´s about you

P.O.W. Single "Warriors of the ring" 2014

Warriors of the ring

Another day

Album "This fine Day" 2014

1. On the Road                    7. I don´t mind

2. Dead of Night                8. No more

3. This fine Day                  9. Trapped in Stone

4. You make me                 10. The last time

5. Belief in nothing            11. Need to say

                                       6. All I ask                         12. Another day

Demo CD "Herald" 2013

1.Trapped in Stone

2. Need to say

3. No more

4. On the Road

5. Dead of Night

                                        6. You make me

Sampler "Krawmbl - A tribut tuse Abstürzende Brieftauben" 2012

Im Strandbad

Demo CD "Comets of Doom" 2011

1. Be my victory

2. Too many voices

3. The wheel turns on

Sampler "Berenstarke Weihnachten 2010" 2010

The wheel turns on

Sampler "Spiel mir das Lied vom Ber!" 2010

Too many voices

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